Migrant Women

55 women contributed to handcraft production in 2018.

Migrant Women Project specifically aims to support the refugee women living in one of the most problematic and poor districts of Istanbul, Kumkapı. Migrant women are targeted as the more vulnerable, unprotected and invisible group of the refugee community. Living as a vulnerable and disadvantaged group within a poor and crime inflicted area, they suffer various exploitations.

These women primarily need to earn a living to provide for themselves and their families. Migrant Women/Göçmen Kadınlar creates a platform in which migrant women can learn new skills and provides opportunities where their produce can be sold. The money generated by these sales are directly given to the migrant women after the production costs are extracted. This little income is an important contribution to the livelihood and subsistence of these women and their families who try to survive oftentimes with no or depleting resources.

These handcrafts are directly produced by the migrant women. Migrant Women Project just provides raw materials and means of production and the women are encouraged to create designs of their own, reflecting their own identity and culture. Expressing themselves through art seems to be a healing process as well as a source of income. The fabrics are most of the time imported from the homelands of the migrant women, depicted with figures of their own choosing. In contrast to the hardships they endure, the produce of the migrant women are colorful, lively and vibrant reflecting the strength, endurance and resilience of women, their hopes for a brighter future and ability to make life colorful under even the direst conditions.

You can find Migrant Women handcrafts on social media platforms and bazaars and in events announced in the upcoming events.